About Us

THE RED CARBON is a new breed of data-driven marketing partner who turns your data into real values. Our innovative team help clients accelerate business with cutting-edge data-driven marketing technologies and solutions.

While the core goal of marketing has stayed the same — to successfully promote and sell products or services — data has changed the way marketers achieve that goal. We are here to enhance clients’ businesses with data-driven marketing, infused with data-driven creativity.

  • Martech solutions
  • Data Analytics & AI
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Data-driven marketing transformation

The Red Carbon


Data analytics

This new digital landscape calls for the use of data analytics for business processes, decisions, and actions. Data-driven marketers need to understand how to make use of data analytics to best create business impacts. Our data team creates cutting-edge data analytics empowered by robust methodology to ensure our analytics solutions are effective and practical.


Orchestration CDP

Start with a simple question how to understand what customer wants. We need a platform that integrates customer data across all touchpoints to create a single source of truth. With such platform, we can then orchestrate customer journeys in real-time at scale.

Data-driven marketing

In a world where consumer behaviors can change on a dime, a data-driven marketing  strategy creates significant difference. We help you devise marketing strategies by uncovering hidden customer and audience insights, and develop data-driven decision making platform to ensure you make optimal and timely decisions for your business.

Join us now to grow your business with data as the world’s top brands do today.​